reading buddy bunnies

Back to my 2015 resolutions: I’m trying to take more photographs. We had children make paper snowflakes out of pages of weeded books last month, but I’m not sure if I remembered to take a snapshot or not. (I’ll check the camera tomorrow and update this post if I can find something.) Before I forget to share, here is what our Maker Zone looks like right now:makerbunny3

We are currently inviting students to create Reading Buddy Bunnies! We color copied the design (which was given to us by a friend) on cardstock, put a bunch of book cover images in a pail, and let loose the scissors and tape. Here are the directions we provided (as seen on the blue door): makerbunny1

1. Take a sheet.
2. Cut out and assemble the pieces.
3. Pick a book from the pail.
4. Glue the book to your buddy’s paw!

Once the buddies are finished, children can tape them to our wall, give them away to friends, or read to or with them. I love seeing the kids’ results and how happy each critter looks with its little book(s).


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