library resolutions for 2015

Normally I make work-related goals at the beginning of each school year (and not calendar year), but more resolutions never hurt anybody. Here they are:

1. Take more photographs

I can’t post student snapshots here on this blog, but we have plenty of gallery options in our physical library space as well as our school’s intranet. Since I am known for forgetting to take photographs when really exciting events occur, I’m taking one of our library’s cameras and giving it a special space, out in the open. Kids will be encouraged to pick it up and take a photograph of learning in action should they be inspired.

2. Bring in the experts

I resolve to reach out to my colleagues, neighbors, and contacts who happen to be serving or working in positions that relate to my students’ investigations. I’ve really been slacking on the author visits too, and I hope to make up for lost time and help students learn from the experts directly, through Skype, interviews, or in-person visits.

3. Get out of the library more

We’re four months into our first-ever flex schedule, and so far so good. I’ve had many successful collaborative opportunities (some of which I’ll probably write about later) but most of these involved extension visits to our library. I want to do more visits to the classrooms, where I can connect with teachers and students on their own turf. I’ve found these co-teaching opportunities to be the most valuable and exciting for the children.

4. Less fluff, more professional learning

Social media makes me a better teacher-librarian, but it also impacts my work-life balance because I spend a lot of time on links, pictures, and tweets that relate to the field but don’t encourage deep thinking. I’m not necessarily going to do less interneting, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to focus on substance with what I read, “like,” and post.


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