makin’ stuff

We’ve rolled out our Kits! They’ve been added to our catalog, promoted through our parent newsletter, and housed in this cabinet, which is near one of our library entrances:

IMG_0376This cabinet also contains our collection of pre-loaded Nook devices. As you might imagine, this once-ignored space has been seeing a lot of student love recently. Given this extra attention, the blank doors across from the cabinet seemed like as good a place as any for our newest library project.

We posted a simple picture and a prompt  (“Help us make it!“) and put some supplies together in a bin. When community members have an extra few minutes, they are invited to work on the communal creation. After two days, here’s what our space (dubbed “the wall”) looks like now:


I know we are going to have a lot more fun this year, but I think we’ll need more door/wall space.