try this at home

My school just got a vinyl cutter! Better yet, my school’s Ed Tech director gave a vinyl cutter demonstration last week and let me take the machine home to test it out. I love this idea of at-home experimentation. It’s low-stress, open-ended, and just really fun. I was able to learn by doing, experience first-hand the challenges that others using the tool might face, and brainstorm how the vinyl cutter might be used. I was also able to create this demo video (in case others want to see how it works):

[CORRECTION: I said Symphony when I meant Silhouette!]

The best news here is that the machine is SUPER EASY to use and the materials aren’t too costly. I stuck to regular vinyl this time around, but there are so many other options and even more library possibilities. I could use the cutter to make bulletin board shapes, labels for materials, upcycled book crafts, rubber stamps, new signage, and more. And that’s not even considering how students might use it to cut out their own bookmarks, greeting cards, stickers, T-shirt transfers, temporary tattoos…I could go on forever.

Simply put, this machine rocks. Do you have a vinyl cutter in your school or library? How have you used it to enhance your classroom or your library space? I’d love to hear about what you all are doing.


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