library in beta

In a lot of educational environments, I can feel weighed down by people’s “no, because what ifs” and the “now’s not the times.” The way things are are often great. (I’m not suggesting that they’re not.) But in my school library, I promote a philosophy of diving in and trying something new-even if we’re not sure where it will lead us. Even if we ultimately decide that the thing we tried isn’t as helpful or inspiring or useful as the strategy or activity or resource we tried before. It’s about exploring, and experimenting, and discovering that sometimes what we tried is even more special than what we expected.

Sometimes we try and do well, and sometimes…not so much. But we have to start somewhere. I believe there is value in the trying. And in the doing. And in the reflecting, learning, and growing.This blog is my new spot for sharing my experiences on all of that. (It’s not, you may have noticed, for the grammar police.) 🙂

So…hi! I am an elementary school librarian and a reluctant blogger. My purpose here is to share my trials, errors, thoughts, and reflections so that others can learn from my mistakes (or successes) and offer up their own ideas. I welcome guest posts and write-ups from teachers and librarians (and teacher-librarians!) who wish to share their own stories.

I’m trying this blogging thing out, and hopefully it’s helpful for lots of us. The more we connect, the more we can support one another, challenge each other, and grow together. I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes us.